Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 – Roaming Extension Manager

In Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, you can easily manage all your extensions and easily can set up your development environment with required extensions. By sign-in to visual studio, Roaming Extension Manager keeps track of all your favorite extensions and creates a synchronized list in the cloud. Because it maintains synchronized extension list in the cloud, you can access all your favorite extensions from anywhere just by sign-in to Visual Studio 2017.

To find all your extensions, open Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 => Tools => Select Extensions & Updates => Select Roaming Extension Manager as shown below.

Here you can find all extensions you install on your login machine. From these, you can create your Roaming list to make it available in the cloud. Each extension belongs one of these three statuses; those are Roamed icon Roamed, Roamed & Installed icon Roamed & Installed, and Installed icon Installed.

Roamed icon Roamed: This status means an extension that belongs to your Roaming list, but not installed on your machine. You can install the extension just by clicking on the Download button. It displays as with icon . An extension which belongs to this status displays as shown below.

Here “Developer Assistant” belongs to Roamed icon Roamed status. You can install this just by clicking on Download button. Even you can delete this from roaming list by clicking on “Stop Roaming” button.

Roamed & Installed icon Roamed & Installed: An extension that belongs to Roaming list and installed on your machine has this status. This status displays as .

As shown above, Live Unit Testing Package extension has this status, and by clicking on “Stop Roaming” button, you can remove an extension from the roaming list.

Installed icon Installed: This status denotes an extension installed on this machine but not belongs to Roaming list. This status displays with  icon.

Here Microsoft Office 365 API Tools extension installed on this particular machine but not belongs to Roaming list. To add it to Roaming list just click on “Start Roaming” button.

When you download and install any new extension, by default, it added it to your Roaming list which provides access from any machine.


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