Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Introduction and Installation

Service Fabric is one of the Microsoft Azure services and part of the Platform as a Service (PaaS). Microsoft is using service fabric for its services like Skype for Business, Azure SQL Database & Cosmos DB, Microsoft Intune, and Cortana. Now Microsoft Service Fabric is available for developers also to build and host scalable distributed systems.

By using Service Fabric, we can develop stateless and stateful services. Stateless service means which doesn’t require to maintain any state across multiple requests, whereas Stateful service means which requires to carry state between multiple requests.

To develop services with Microsoft Service Fabric, we need to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2019/2017/2015, Service Fabric SDK, Azure PowerShell, and Microsoft Azure cross-platform command-line tools.

Get installation instructions and download links at Service Fabric SDK installs cluster on your machine so that we can test our services by using a local cluster instead of hosting our services on Azure cluster every time.


You can switch between One Node and Five Node as per our requirements.

If you want to host your service on Microsoft Azure, you have to create an account with Microsoft Azure at with simple steps. You can create a free account which is valid for 12-months at Login to Azure portal at

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